People in the center

  • Sun is the center of the solar system, the force within keep everything surround it in order. 
  • In our world would it be possible to put people as center of interests?
  •  In political campaign people has become the most talked word but it was not mean to put the people in the center instead its been exploited to bring the actor into the center. 
  • What if the people become the center of interest? Will the world moving in order? Most likely yes. But it will be in dynamic mode rather than static because diversity is the nature of human being. 
  • In the business which more important between numbers and people? Apparently number is the ultimate reach. But putting the interest of people aside will definitely dries up the numbers. 
  • How to align people to achieve the numbers? Get it through  communication is the simplest way. Honesty, understanding, empathy and respect are among those which important to build meaningful communication.  Simply said people  carry their fear and hope along their life
  • Managing people will be more effective if it can reduce fear and increase hope but sometimes we see the other way around, its increasing fear and reducing hope. If the later is whats been happening, people will disorganize physiologically and may end in disruption of order and devastated numbers. 
  • Dealing with people is unique, for some people its barely frustating, for some others its an art. Variability is the main driver in people management. Normally its been synchronized through the introduction of rule. Rather than imposing the rule ,making people to recognize common grounds and common goals will effectively unite them toward goals.
  • It will come gradually with time and can be accelerated through leadership. The utmost important for a leader to be interested in people with their fear and hope and mastering communication, recognition and motivation. 
  • A leader will use trust to develop people and thrust to move people toward goals. 

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