Tree in the forest

Escape from daily routine is the most refreshing moment if we could find a perfect time and place. By the way is there any perfect time and place in this world? Basically its a none existence. We just can find a better moment and place to spend our energy then it is our consience that make it perfect. Lets explore the forest to enjoy the fresh cool air and the smell of nature. We can take  the whole world meaning in one breath, a harmony. The landscape look like our life journey with hills and valleys, its beautiful as long as we try to understand it and grab the meaning on how it enrich our life experience. Sad things that in most cases we will not be able to live among those magnificent trees every day. But wait if trees is the first thing to come up into our mind when we talk about forest, bingo! we can found trees in other places even in our every day trip to office inside a cool environment as much as we can feel in the forest, depends on how we set the level of car’s aircond. The thing is that the trees on street side is not as beautiful or as many as in the forest, thats true! But look, perception is the play of our mind, there is a way to make it both equal by adding a magic app called gratitude!

Gratitude would change our day into much better shape when we leave our holidays back  to our daily routine.

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